Garages & Accessory Structures

Although a garage or other outdoor structures maybe secondary to your main residence, it still should enhance your property or life in some ways.  It may make your daily routine easier . . . open vistas or conceal the mundane . . . invite new activities or limit others. Even utilitarian buildings must, however, fit in visually.

Adding a new structure to your property requires more than just clearing a space. It requires thoughtful planning that considers function within a unified design. New structures should visually relate to existing ones. Orientation and siting must make sense.

SSB can help you with these considerations and will build in any style or with any material you choose. We will reproduce details to unify structures or add hand-crafted distinction to a stand-alone building.

“When you come to us with an idea, no matter how small or grand, we listen.”

Storage, Garden Shed – Garage, carport – Hunting Lodge – Studio, Workshop – Carriage House – Office Space – Deck, Patio – Entertaining