Country Sanctuary

Paula and John Mitcherling named their eight-acre property just off Loch Raven “The Sanctuary,” intending the name to mean a retreat for both people and animals. With their expansive stretch of rolling green hills and trees in Phoenix, MD., the Mitcherlings knew that someday they would bring Paula’s two horses’ home from Arizona. But first, they had to build a barn.

New Building for Grange Fairgrounds

This year Grange Fairgoers will be among the first to see a new building on the grounds in Middletown.

The 60-by-120 foot structure, built by Sylvan Stoltzfus of Lancaster County, will house the 4-H clubs’ goats, rabbits, guinea pigs and steer. In previous years Bucks   County’s 4-H clubs erected tents for this purpose. But after encounters with wind and rain storms, the need for a permanent structure was apparent.

The Rebirth of a Barn -- Outbuilding gets a Touch of the Amish

Asking around, the couple found no solid history for the barn. They knew from the old basement that it had housed potatoes at one point.  Mr. Mezynieski said it had been used as cold storage for the crop and to store farming equipment.

Hoping that the barn’s timber peg design could be preserved in the reconstruction and revitalization, the  Mezynieskis turned to the Amish. While traveling in Pennsylvania,  Mr.  Mezynieski said, they saw Amish builders working with the timber peg method.  They decided to find Amish builders to work on their barn. “I wanted to restore the barn to its historic state,”   he said.

Amish builders do what they have to do to get the job done

I arrived in Quakertown, Pa., planning to meet up with Sylvan Stoltzfus so we could chat and I could observe one of his crews at work on a nearby horse arena. Instead, when I reached my destination, there was a message waiting for me.

“Sylvan can’t make it,” the message said. “He didn’t have a driver.”

The Great Barns of Yesteryear are Disappearing from Bucks County. A Wrightstown Couple, however, is Reversing the Trend.

David and Jane DelBianco have a small piece of Amish Country, right in their own backyard.

The couple wanted a horse barn built on their property. It had been a dream of David’s to have a barn, and the DelBiancos finally decided to see that dream to fruition in 2003. They decided to build a barn on their Wrightstown property.

New building going up on the grange fairgrounds

Good news, goats, rabbits and guinea pigs, you’re no longer second-class citizens at the Middletown Grange Fair.

Send thank-you notes to officials from the Grange and local 4-H clubs, who got together to find a $56,000 pavilion to house the animals during the annual fair in August. It’s the first new building to go up on the Wrightstown fairgrounds in more than a decade.