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Remodeling and Home Design

“When you come to us with an idea, no matter how small or grand, we listen. Our goal is to serve you by crafting a thoughtful response, a unique work of art that you will be proud to use and display.”  — Sylvan Stoltzfus

Sylvan Stoltzfus Builders is a company specializing in the construction of custom horse barns, indoor riding arenas, and garages. We have been in business since 1999. Owned and operated by horse people who know and understand what you are looking for. Our company’s roots are in the heartland of Pennsylvania where integrity and honesty still is first in everything we do.



Equestrian interests vary considerably in scope and function,from a private, two-stall horse barn to commercial facilities for breeding, training, boarding or showing. Plans might include a simple fenced paddock or run-in shed, or extend to entry gates, indoor and outdoor arenas,viewing areas, hay barns or compost bunkers, caretaker residences, and vet and farrier facilities.


That old barn on your property… Once the center of family livelihood, now it stands empty, a silent witness to a noble past. its fading charm still speaks but ,you wonder, can it be saved?



Accessory structures may be secondary to your main residence, but they add value to you, your family and your property. They may make your work– or play — easier. They may open vistas or conceal the mundane. They may invite new activities or confine others. These buildings may be largely utilitarian, but still they must fit in visually.


Looking for something unique  to complete your redesign or new project? Choose from a selection of custom designed wood products and wrought iron accessories that will add just the right touch of character and beauty to your building or design scheme.

Triple S Painting

We Specialize in Protecting your investment..

  • Cleaning and refreshing the exterior. Whether it is wood or metal siding we can add years to the life of your barn by carefully cleaning the exterior and refreshing everything with a new coat of paint. Painting wood siding protects against mold and rot, a carefully maintained exterior makes your entire farm brighter and definitely adds value to the property.
  • Periodically cleaning and resealing the wood in your stalls cleans up the interior of your barn but also adds life to the wood.
  • Power washing metal to strip the old paint off and repainting with a high grade metal paint. Add life to your fences by repainting. Fences should be power washed or scraped and repainted every 5 to 10 years.

No job too big, none too small.
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Sylvan Stoftzfus Builders (SSB) designs and constructs custom wood and timber frame structures in the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Since its beginnings in 1999, the company has constructed or renovated hunders of barns, garages and residential structures in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

The SSB building teams are made up of skilled, experienced craftsmen, most of whom are Amish. They know and trust each other. drawingThey work hard and take pride in a job well done. It’s not just a work ethic, it’s a way of life. Their knowledge of all types of construction helps them interpret the design interests of each customer and reproduce building details with historical accuracy.

Each client defines the direction and scope of his project. Although it requires an investment of time, SSB knows the importance of understanding the customer’s vision and interests.

“If, in the process, we can expand on those ideas by adding value, beauty or innovation, we achieve the best outcome.” — Sylvan Stoltzfus

What They Are Saying

“Their team work was amazing. People driving by would pull off the road just to watch. The process impressed everyone.” –Tom and Kathy Waddle, Riverside Ranch, Phoenix, NY

“I love all the original framing, the exposed beams, the wood floors, the stone… it’s just beautiful. SSB did an amazing job.” –Luke and Caitlyn Paul, Pittsburgh, PA

“I called an Amish friend of mine and asked her. ‘Who does the best horse barn building you know of?’ “Jane said. And she told me hands down, it was Sylvan.” –The Doylestown PARIOT by B. Cook


“We don’t want our customers to be satisfied with their barns, we want them to be delighted”

Here at SSB we believe customer service should always come first. Whether you are looking for design ideas or a complete barn fabrication. We specialize in post frame buildings, but would be glad to give you design help or price quotes on other types of construction including timber frame or standard framing. We do all types of wood siding, board & batten, clapboard or ship-lap in a variety of wood species. If you are looking for less maintenance we also use vinyl or painted steed siding.

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Our Sales and Customer Service staff are available Days, Evenings, and Weekends

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You dream it, we can build it.

Custom designed Equestrian Facilities;
Barns and Indoor Arenas,
Alternative Use Garages,
New Construction Or Restoration

Quality and Value not just words its’ a promise. . .

We care about both old and new. Specializing in the construction of custom horse barns and garages, our workmanship often shines in the restoration of old barns. We strive to maintain extremely high standards in our attention to detail and quality.

“Our Sales and Customer Service staff are available Days, Evenings, and Weekends. “

Maryland and Virginia

Anna & Daniel Cohen

Anna & Daniel Cohen
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Phone: 703.401.4054 (local office)
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Jane DelBianco
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Phone: 267.496.1690 (local office)
Phone: 1.800.881.9781

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